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Trauma Informed Yoga - Live With Connection


Why Trauma Informed Yoga?

Yoga is for Everyone

The full practice of Yoga unites the mind, body, and breath in a way that eases tension, promotes health, releases the old and invites present well being. Trauma Informed Yoga highlights a practice that improves your nervous system reaction and shines an awareness on the constant gift of breath and resiliency.  This improves your approach to life, Heart Rate Variability and finds a happier body/mind connection to move within this life.

Enhance Your Wellness

The practice of Yoga is a great way to improve your endurance for other physical activities as well as decrease the risk of injury.  I specialize in pelvic floor health which can greatly change your lifestyle no matter what end of the tension/atrophy spectrum you might find yourself.  

 Simply the act of working out brings huge mental and physical benefit.  in addition to an active lifestyle yoga will help your body relax while stretching and strengthening.  To start or end your day Yoga is a path of allowance for today and meeting a new tomorrow. A trauma informed yoga approach greatly adds to these outcomes by slowly finding your individual safety and comfort within this new relationship.  

Calm Your Mind and Nervous System

Yoga not only improves your body, but also helps cultivate mindfulness and meditation by leading movement with breath and enhancing body awareness.  For some, body work can be surprisingly triggering and emotionally confusing.  While searching for your comfortable practice and a full connection, leading trauma informed yoga will give the space needed to find your place of peace.  Whether you are taking a break from your daily routine or bringing Yoga INTO your typical moments and movements, clarity and longevity will ensue.